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Client Success Stories

The following client success stories are typical of the results you, too, will receive from SLTF:

  • As a key supplier to a start-up, developed an MSP430-based instrument using their innovative sensing technology into a workable product, allowing them to raise tens of millions of dollars in the VC market.

  • Worked with the two owners of a 50-person company to redevelop their aging monitoring products into a viable product line, allowing them to sell their company and earn millions of dollars.

  • Provided a client a different solution to a key feature of their electronic device, thereby saving the client over $200,000 in manufacturing costs in the first year. SLTF analyzed the manufacturing process and recommended a simple electronic component that replaced a complicated machining operation for 0.25% of the original cost!

  • Helped a client redo the embedded software and user interface. This strategic move opened new markets for the existing product, thereby increasing profits in the first year by more than 100%. SLTF analyzed the current system and devised a new program structure. In addition, SLTF modeled a new user interface with Visual Basic for "hands-on" understanding before undertaking the new embedded system development.

  • With a client's technical solution for their customer in disarray, we unscrambled the Gordian knot, and helped turn a client's irate customer back to being a satisfied one. SLTF has the unique ability to look at seemingly complicated problems and to cut through the layers to uncover the root causes of problems. This ability allows us to offer solutions that fix the problem the first time.

  • After purchasing a new product line, SLTF helped a client recreate missing source code files, implement changes, and validate the software, thereby leading to the highest sales volume at the division.

At SLTF we've had great success in seeming to do the impossible. While we're not miracle workers, we do have a tremendous amount of experience at designing profitable products with embedded systems. We'll tell you straight away the true cost of a problem and solution. Our goal is for you to be successful, both today and in the future.

As you can see, the focus at SLTF is on the business outcomes. At SLTF, technology is a tool for solving business problems. If you, too, would like to write your own success story, please contact us. We promise that you'll get a "straight" answer to your questions and solutions that truly fit your needs.

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