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Software/Firmware Expertise

At SLTF, our specialty is measurement devices and instruments, i.e., products that measure, analyze, or control something. Many of our designs use light absorption, fluorescence, and scattering to glean information. We limit ourselves to 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers.

With these microcontrollers, we are experts at marrying the software/firmware and electronics together into a tight-knit design. This expertise on the electronics side includes analog to digital converters (A/D), digital to analog converters (D/A), serial communications, HID USB, LCD displays, serial EEPROM and flash memories, thermistors and thermocouples, and keypad interfacing.

Another specialty of ours is the user's interface with the instrument. We have lots of experience in designing intuitive, simple-to-use interfaces with limited display and keypad capabilities.


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