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Does this sound familiar:

  • Late product deliveries because of problems with the embedded system software or hardware?
  • Afraid to change something because something else may break?
  • Product costs (e.g., manufacturing and support) too high?
  • Difficulties with your current software/firmware developer?

We can help you solve these problems! SLTF works with clients, helping them with product design issues as they relate to embedded systems, electronics, and software/firmware. Our goal is to help clients manage the myriad issues involving the tradeoffs that technology brings to product design today. These issues include, for example:

  • What functionality belongs in software/firmware and what belongs in hardware
  • The true cost of adding new features to a product
  • How to design a system with significantly fewer defects
  • Production costs beyond the cost of the parts
  • Communication among team members
  • User interface design
  • Managing development
  • Design reviews
  • Code reviews
  • Embedded system architecture

If you would like more information about the services at SLTF and how they will help you produce a better product, in less time, please contact Scott Rosenthal by phone at 410.799.3915 or via email at

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