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A Great Client

What Makes For a Great SLTF Client?

Over the years, we've been able to come up with a short list of what makes for a great working relationship between our clients and us.


It seems simple enough, but without great communications, the project won't succeed. At the client end, it is imperative to have a single person with the knowledge and authority to make daily decisions regarding the product development. At the SLTF end, we commit to providing 100% honest and open communications during all phases of the project.

The Whats from the Hows

A great client recognizes that their responsibility is identifying what the product has to do, while leaving the hows to the professional experience of SLTF. With great communications from SLTF on a frequent and regular basis, SLTF always keeps the client abreast of the hows utilized to meet the client's whats.


Being honest about the development process is mandatory. New features creep in, marketing data requires product development changes, misunderstandings do happen among humans, and changes cost money. These are the realities. As long as the client and SLTF both put the product's success up on a pedestal and work towards its success, then all the issues that come up during development can be easily resolved since the product is the final goal.

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