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MiCOS Embedded Operating System

What? Another operating system? We don't need ANOTHER one!

We agree. Operating systems for embedded systems are everywhere. For thousands of dollars and weeks or months of your time, you, too, can make these OS's work. At SLTF, we have a simpler idea...

In our experiences, most embedded systems don't need full-blown priority tasking operating systems. If your system takes and analyzes data ten times a second or slower, controls a mechanical or physical process, or is waiting around for human input, a full-blown operating system is overkill, sort of like using a 20 pound sledgehammer on a brad nail. At SLTF we have a simpler idea...

We have developed a simple operating system called MiCOS, which, for the vast majority of real-world embedded applications (not necessarily the trade-press world) is all that's needed. MiCOS is an example of a Cooperative Operating System (see article on COS). What this means is that MiCOS works, not with brute force, but with the cooperation of all the pieces in your embedded software. Instead of being interrupt driven, MiCOS works by each task or state relinquishing control back to the operating system when there's nothing else to process. A simple concept, but extremely powerful when it comes to the vast majority of embedded systems.

MiCOS successfully blends OOPs philosophies of encapsulation in with the operating system. As an overview, MiCOS has two types of objects: tasks and states. Tasks run with each loop through the kernel. States are the "run mode" that the program is in at any time. Tasks and states communicate with each other using event messages. As an example, one task, say a timer task, generates an event every second. Other tasks can then use this event to control their own operations.

MiCOS is written in C and is not dependent on the CPU you're using (you may have to make some small changes for your particular compiler). Since MiCOS doesn't perform context switching, everything runs in the "foreground," thereby making your debugging a whole lot simpler (and therefore, faster).

We estimate that using MiCOS as your operating system, may save you anywhere from 25 to 50% in development time. Of course, your savings may be different, but the bottom line is that a small, simple to use OS will save time and money, not only during development, but especially during the inevitable maintenance phase of your project.

When you order MiCOS, you will receive the MiCOS source code, a user's manual, and an example of how you can use MiCOS in your embedded application. Plus, you will receive 30 days of free telephone support. Afterward, we will provide you with free email support. All this is available for $97.00 (US). If you're not happy with MiCOS, we will take it back and refund your money during the first 30 days.

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