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Text Boxes
This design includes a text box layout, specified in the accompanying style sheet.  We have placed this text box in the special1 editable region; however, you may use them anywhere in your web.

This is a FrontPage 2003 DWT Web Package, which includes an entire pre-made suggested web and two different Dynamic Web Templates (DWTs):  Geared Moments (shown in the initial web) and Expressive Kids.

We are providing this package at no charge to allow you to experience for yourself the ease with which the DWT can be attached to an existing web already having a DWT attached, to completely change the layout, fonts, images, etc.

Trying it Out

  1. Start a new web in FrontPage 2003.  Select File, New - then, on the right side under "New Web site," select More Web site templates.
  2. Navigate to the twc-dwtig_base, which will be located under either the "General" or "My Templates" tab.  Be sure to specify or make note of the location under Options on the right, then select OK.
  3. Open a page within the new web, such as this one (introduction.htm).  From the FrontPage menu, select Format, Dynamic Web Template, Attach Dynamic Web Template.  Navigate to the folder "expressive_kids_dwt", and select one of the page templates, and proceed with the attachment.

It's that easy!  The two DWTs we have provided are DWTIG Compliant, meaning you can switch from one DWTIG design to another with the same relative ease!  For more information, please visit our instructional site.



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