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Scott Rosenthal

Embedded Systems

Scott Rosenthal is a leading developer of products containing embedded systems. He is directly responsible for over 100 successful product designs.

Even though Scott recognizes the need to design the best embedded system, he also knows that it is only part of the product. After all, it's the product that sells! Scott's designs are of high quality, and they work because he designs them to be:

  • Cost-effective to produce
  • Easily maintained
  • Understandable and upgradable by others
  • Easily expandable for future requirements

Unlike most embedded system folks, Scott's equally at home with software/firmware and electronics. Additionally, he's an expert at optoelectronic systems, specializing in low-level light measurement and using LEDs as quantitative light sources.

Scott has designed products covering the spectrum, including:

  • Instrumentation
  • Measurement and control
  • Industrial applications
  • Consumer products

Some examples of industries and the products that he's designed include water quality analyzers, medical monitors, vending systems, communication system analyzers, smokestack "scrubber" systems, and grain product analyzers.


For almost 10 years, Scott wrote a column on embedded design techniques for Personal Engineering & Instrumentation News. Copies of all his columns are available here.

Scott wrote for, and was a contributing editor to, Practical Sailor magazine. Other articles of his also appeared in Blue Water Sailing and Good Old Boat magazines. For more information about Scott's sailing, check out his sailboat web site at

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