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Welcome to Scott Rosenthal's SLTF Consulting, specializing in the TI MSP430 and other microcontroller software/firmware development. We can provide you:

With regrets, Scott
is no longer

Great, professional TI MSP430 software/firmware development

SLTF is an approved MSP430 Third-Party Developer!
  • Developed over two dozen commercial products with the TI MSP430
  • Generated tens of millions of dollars for our clients
  • 10+ years experience with the TI MSP430 microcontroller
  • 30+ years experience with other 8- and 16-bit processors

High quality software/firmware designed for

  • Easy maintainability
  • Adding new functionality without rewriting tons of old code
  • Maximum reliability with minimal problems
  • Quality designed in from the beginning
  • Getting it done on time!

We can help you with your software/firmware product development!

Still have questions? Give us a call at 410.799.3915 and let's talk about your product development. We'll be honest with you—if we can't help you, we'll tell you outright. And if we can help you, isn't that worth the phone call?

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